Unfortunately, due to the current government restrictions on live music, we currently have no concerts happening for the remainder of 2020. As a committee, we are doing our best to find some solutions and at least deliver some classical experiences to our membership via online or streamed sources.

As soon as we have some firm dates in place these will be shared.

In the meantime, these are the groups booked for next year and they are all keen to come if allowed, so if you already have the dates in your diary keep them there, and we will let you know closer to Christmas what the plan is. Here is a reminder.

20 January 2021 Live Music Now Guitar, Accordion, Violin

20 February 2021 Clyde Duo Harp / Flute

09 March 2021 Duo Bizart 4 Hands Piano

28 March 2021 Euan Stevenson Trio Jazz Piano trio

In the meantime there are a host of opportunities for fantastic classical experiences in your own sitting room (assuming you have internet). I list a few below and encourage you to join in now the evenings are getting longer. Many are free but ask for donations which I also encourage you to make if you can afford to as these musicians are really hurting, and one of our goals in SCM is to support them by giving them a platform, it just happens to be virtual for now. I will send you highlights from time to time to encourage you to join in especially if Chamber Music Scotland gets a programme up and running again as it did in the spring. You might like to read their note on that at https://www.chambermusicscotland.com/projects/covid-response . As those of you who partook will know some of the concerts were stunning.

• Tunnel Trust who have been very good to us over the years have been running a Tuesday teatime concert https://tunnelltrust.org.uk/

• Royal Opera House are offering a season starting this evening with Carmen which seems amazing value https://www.roh.org.uk/

• Ethan Loch (our young blind pianist from January) is offering concerts every Saturday on YouTube at 8pm but available afterwards https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Y-I58cmjaSAXTaJoVI_ZQ

• Live Music Now Scotland https://www.facebook.com/livemusicnowscotland

• Making Music of which we in SCM are members https://www.makingmusic.org.uk

• Berlin Phil https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/live

Happy viewing and listening. Hopefully we will be allowed live music soon in Scotland. Perhaps if we are not we could organise a coach trip to Carlisle and gorge ourselves in live music there (and stock up on our Christmas spirits) instead of our Classical Celebration!