Our next concert will be:

Garcia-Bendi Duo

Thursday 15th March 2018 at 8 00 p.m.

at St Columba's

The duo play a guitar each: the mistake that they comprised a guitarist and violinist seems to have passed through most of the committee unremarked, but we will have to wait a season or two more to experience a pairing which presents such intriguing balance problems, aside from the obvious repertoire limitations. The programme will be:

- interval -

That will be the last classical concert of the season. The only remaining event will be the Jazz Concert, this year featuring the trio Ugly Bug Jazz, at Skeabost House Hotel on Saturday 14th April, at 8 p.m. As usual, it will be preceded by a buffet supper for an extra charge. Last year's buffet at Skeabost was widely aclaimed.

This year's AGM

The committee member are now:

Lynne Anstice-Brown Elaine Ferguson Rob Forrest
Fay Henderson Alan Jones (Hon Treasurer) Deirdre Peppé (Chair)
Angus Ross (Secretary) Lynn Strachan Chris Watkiss

So Marion Roberts sadly stepped down as Chair, a post she has held for as long as some of us can recall.

* * * * *