Ugly Bug Jazz on 14th April ended our 2017-18 season. The break also sees a change of responsibility for the website, maintained for at least the last seven years by Bill Johncocks, who also prepared the printed programmes. The change provides an opportunity to update what has become a seriously dated design, and to move away from the laborious, hard-coded HTML+CSS method that results in a static, online brochure type of site, hopefully to something more interactive, more pictorial or both.

The domain name is safe for as long as the committee choose to pay for it, while we purchased 'hosting for life' a couple of years ago, so a new and improved website should rise from the ashes next year. If you're on our mailing list, you will be contacted over the summer. If not, you can approach a member of the committee via our 'contact us' page.

As a reminder, the committee members are now:

Lynne Anstice-Brown Elaine Ferguson Rob Forrest
Fay Henderson Alan Jones (Hon Treasurer) Deirdre Peppé (Chair)
Angus Ross (Secretary) Lynn Strachan Chris Watkiss

* * * * *